Monday, January 30, 2012

The Baby is Now a Lady: Ria

The first year Ria and I worked together, she was dressed professionally in slacks and business-y blouses. Starting late last year though, she has embraced her feminine side and began showing up to our meetings in dresses, skirts, and *gasp* heels! Not that I'm not complaining; she still looks well-dressed, albeit a little friendlier, and I'm sure she gets to charm more clients now... right, Ria? ;)

For our annual brief, Ria donned a lovely black-and-green floral dress cinched with a wide belt. She topped off the look with a structured blazer...

...and black perforated peep-toe pumps. The best touch? Hot pink nails! Such a girly-girl! :)

As someone who practically lived in pants for a good part of my university days, I'm loving Ria's transition and I can tell she's enjoying it too. I really hope to see more of her style this year.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed week ahead!

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