Thursday, January 26, 2012

Acid Yellow, Ruby Red

Look who's caught with a goofy grin at the end of the workday. Haha! I look a bit stiff because one of our managers spied me posing for my outfit-of-the-day shot before he headed home. Okay, now I really prefer to have my photos taken during lunch as there are a lot more manual contract laborers and less office people. Is that better? We shall go for the bigger fan base, yes? ;p Not that they're my target market, but maybe I should consider a shift in strategy... Hmmm.

Target market analysis Kidding aside, today was a pretty lazy-dress-up day for me. Telltale sign 1: The loose blouse. As you can see, I'm still celebrating the Chinese New Year week with a loud, screaming color.

Telltale sign 2: The chunky statement necklace. Slung over one's neck, it gives the impression that you actually cared enough to dress up. But without it, you'd look naked and very, very plain.

Telltale sign 3: Red shoes. Any other bright colored shoe will do, actually. Aaaand, do you see what I see? My shoes are smiling!

I know for most people, it's time to throw them away, but not yet for me... I'll glue on the soles and see how much longer these ruby babies will last. I remember buying them in Hong Kong some 7-8 years ago for a much steeper price than what I was used to (I used to buy lots of P250 shoes in 168 Mall and wore them to death!) but this pair seems worth it now that it's outlasted dozens of other dirt-cheap pairs. Yes gentlemen, this is what you call an investment ;p

Blouse and necklace from Hong Kong. Slim pants from Seed. Flats from Hong Kong.

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