Sunday, December 18, 2011


I'd like to introduce you to the dress that cemented my love for thrift-store shopping. I call it my Tropicana-rainforest dress, taken here in front of a mango tree. Heehee. Trying to tie it in with a nature theme.

I found this dress a few months after my pattern making class at FIP some four years ago, so my mind was still fresh with different cuts and seams. It was hidden at the racks at the back of the store, and I started salivating over details that are hardly found in today's mass-produced clothing, like these double darts shooting up from the waist here:

The fun Hawaiian print has a few birds hiding amidst the flora, like a toucan, a parrot, and a canary. To be honest, I can't name the others, as I've never been into National Geographic. But maybe for the sake of fashion, I shall do some research ;p

Finally, while I surveyed the dress on the hanger, the detail that got me praying "Oh please, let this dress fit! Oh please let this fit!" was its discreet zig-zag pattern at the back.

This unique find further spurred me to out more unique prints, older, traditional cuts, and some downright crazy pieces I would not otherwise even look at had they been hanging in Topshop or Mango (because they're SO expensive). And just like I love my mom's 90s clothing -- the ones that fit me, that is -- I love how thrifted clothing can breathe new life into one's closet, a testament to how some pieces manage to stay timeless over the years and even decades :)

Dress, Steffy's since 1986. Belt from Australia. Heels from Charles & Keith.

* How I miss talking fashion terminology!

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