Sunday, December 4, 2011

Swapped: Saturdays Are Made for Sundresses

Wooohoooooooo I'm freeeeee!!!!!

Hope you can share with me in this celebration as this is the first weekend I don't have classes. I happily donned a sundress yesterday. The past few Saturdays have been reminiscent of my college days, with a business-school dress code (e.g. sleeves, no shorts, no slippers, etc.)! I know there's a good reason for this -- to encourage us to look professional and help us prepare for the corporate world -- but I couldn't help but look with envy at other students who went to class in beach-wear. Hehe.

Just to explain today's post title, my friend Sharon and I love each other's styles so much we decided to swap a couple of our wardrobe pieces! I blogged about her style here. This is one of the dresses she chose to lend me as I gushed about it the last time she wore it. I kept it simple with no accessories whatsoever and paired my long-forgotten nude wrap-around sandals.

I'm so excited because she curated some pieces for me out of her closet that I won't usually purchase for myself. I'll be wearing them in the next few weeks to come so watch out for those!

God's blessings have been pouring in more and more the past few weeks! I not only have plenty to wear but plenty to be grateful for. I'm really very excited to see what He has in store for me next year.

Forever 21 dress, borrowed. Zara sandals.

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