Friday, December 23, 2011

Styled: Cara

I was so awkward as a teen that I am quite happy / awed / a bit envious that young people today have so much sense of style! While some... just need a little help like I did* ;)

Last weekend, I had the privilege of shopping with my aunts and my thirteen year-old cousin Cara at Bershka**. I enjoyed picking outfits for her to wear because yes, I love living vicariously through my younger cousins and nieces! Hihihi. If I can't have stylish teen years, I might as well help others have theirs, right? :)

Here's one pairing I find so adorable -- an olive green cardigan and a tiered floral skirt. Although each piece has a different print, they meshed well together because of a common color, light pink, found on the cardigan's bow print and the skirt's panels. I like the skirt because the elasticized waistband will grow along with Cara for the next few years.

Just like my mom would still do with me at my adult age, my aunt would constantly tell her daughter to "pull your hair away from your face!" During that afternoon, I realized how much mothers want the best for their children, and especially with regards to daughters, for them to look their best and be their best. They push and prod and yes, they nag, but they do it out of love and for our own good.***

Here's another blouse we liked for its sweet floral print. It's more "grown-up" but the nipped waist accentuates Cara's new curves. The gray pants have a more utilitarian feel and adds a cool vibe to the girly top. The zippers down the side can be left half open as she wears flats, and can be zipped up when she grows taller or wears heels.

There were still so many pieces we asked Cara to try on and we left after three hours, happy with her new wardrobe. The store owners kept on taking out new inventory, we had to run away as fast as we paid so we wouldn't keep on shopping!

Can't wait to see her wear some of her purchases when we go to the beach next week. Whee!

* I remember wearing a lot of black, which made my scrawny frame look even smaller. To make it worse, I fully embraced the fashion trend at the time -- elephant pants! Eek! Paired with chunky platform footwear my parents called "boat shoes". Hahaha! Oh, those were the days... I'm pretty sure that my sense of style has evolved for the better ;)
** For those not yet in the know, Bershka is Zara's "younger sister". Some enterprising people brought it in from Spain and they currently have an outlet in Greenmeadows. Woohooo!
*** Honestly, if not for my mom, I'd probably still be in elephant pants! ;p

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