Friday, December 2, 2011

Something New/Old: Slouchy Blazer

Anyone who knows me won't be surprised to see my closet overflowing with clothes, my drawers stuffed full, my couch of ten years hidden under piles of garments. Yes, I'm a bargain-hunting impulse buyer who adds more pieces to her closet than she weeds out. I'm really working on improving on these habits, hence this blog -- it's pushed me to use my pieces in different ways, yes? -- and that long-forgotten shopping list I once had. Haha. In my defense, it did work for four months :)

Another thing I'll be starting on doing is to really take a look at the clothes that I've purchased eons ago but have never touched... and try to wear them. Or else, I have to give them away. Ack! says the hoarder in my mind. Okay, fine. Let's do this.

So I spent an hour* combing through my clothes rack a few days ago. I wasn't as successful taking out clothes** as I was in finding I still have a lot of pieces yet to be worn, like this blazer! Such a waste to give away something I've never worn, reasoned out the hoarder.

Clothing-wise, I've been in a slouchy phase since mid-college, when I realized bigger tops make me look less like an undernourished child. Out went the fitted t-shirts, in went the loose blouses. After years of trying to gain weight and add bulk***, I haven't gained a kilo and so persisted my penchant for loose tops, like this blazer here.

I bought it around two or three years ago in Hong Kong and didn't know what to do with it when I got back home. Why'd I get this thing again? The hoarder chided, you'll need it. Just keep it. So I did. I decided to pair it with an even older blouse my mom had kept and passed on to me. Apparently, hoarding is hereditary ;p

I like the subtlety of this sequined tank -- it has enough bling but it's in a neutral color to keep it quiet in the background, much like I am at social gatherings nowadays. My clothes aren't the only things getting old! ;)

Some details: gathers at the waist, button detail, false pockets.

Oh, and the striped lining!

Here's to more treasure-digging in my black hole of a closet! Hahaha! Plenty to wear!!!

Tank top from Temt. Blazer from Maple. Uniqlo pants. Patent pumps from Hong Kong.
* Yes, only an hour. But I'd like to make this closet-cleaning habit more regular, say... weekly? I'm aiming for something realistic! Hehe.
** I managed to set aside six tops and dresses, which is not a significant impact, but it's a start!
*** Eating twice as much as the guys, going to the gym -- which, by the way, lasted only a month haha...

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