Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shoe Story: Luxury Disco

These gorgeous beauties are the first (and only) luxury label shoe that I own. Well, the designers would call this a bridge brand, a younger, more "affordable" brand extension of their original luxury labels ;p

I bought them during a trip to Hong Kong with my family, after my cousin Erika insisted I go to the D&G store and buy the shoes that she had just bought moments ago! She was like "It's on saaaale! You have to try it!!! See if they have your siiiiiize! Go nooooooow!" I couldn't resist!

That's the great thing about us -- we like sharing and we don't care if we have the same stuff! :) Isn't this awesome? Despite our four-age difference, Erika's the closest I have to a sister since we grew up having sleepovers and spent weekends together. We also carpooled to and from school for several years.

Super miss this girl as she is far away in London right now. No matter. We'll be together, sun-baking in a week! Woot-woot! I can't wait!

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