Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Red Hot

It's been a few days since my last post so I have a bit to catch up on!

First up... Who would've ever thought I'd go and buy myself some hot red pants... ever?

These are probably one of the things I'm most scared of buying, much less wearing out. in. public. because they simply scream "look at me!" I guess I still surprise myself every day! To ease myself into the frightening endeavor of going out in public in these, I wore these for my cousin's birthday celebration at home, paired with a shirt that's simple enough to be labeled pambahay or for home use only. Hehe.

This shirt is another hand-me-up from my younger cousin Joyce. It's sooooo comfy! I had forgotten to dress it up with a few necklaces for the day.

I also wore them with a trio of bracelets my aunt gave me for my 27th birthday as I saw them for lunch. I make it a point to wear or use gifts in front of the giver at least once, so they know their gift is being used and that I really appreciate them :)

Here with a little Christmas elfkin, Audrey. Isn't she a cutie??

With Christmas just a week away, I can definitely think of at least another outfit to go with these pants! Stay tuned :)

Thank you for visiting!

Shirt, Forever 21. Pants from Mango. Bracelets from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Flats from Jellybean.

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