Thursday, December 29, 2011

Print on the beach, Part 2

This is kind of a silly post but I just wanted to document our most action-packed part of our trip as the rain had us cooped up indoors on most of our days there.

Day Two in Boracay had the whole gang on a wet-and-dry adventure with a package we got online for Boracay Zorb + ATV. We started with an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) ride for us who were old enough, and buggies for an adult-and-child tandem. We rolled up and down the hilly roads of Boracay (who knew!), both paved and unpaved. But first, we had to get adequate protection in case something went wrong...

Since we weren't going back to the resort before dinner, I decided to pack light. I wore one bikini underneath a shirt dress for the ATV ride, kept my dress dry during the Zorb ride, and packed an extra bikini to change into later.

The Boracay Zorb is a giant plastic ball that you climb into before you're rolled down the hill.

There are two options: the dry option has you strapped inside the ball so you're revolving around as you roll down, while the wet option has you sloshing around the ball with a pail of water. We chose the latter as it seemed like the less dizzying option ;)

It was the most fun ten seconds I've ever had! It's similar to sliding down a water slide, but better!

Woohooooo! I wouldn't mind doing it again! :)

Dress, thrifted.

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