Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Print mix on the beach, Part 1

One of the easiest places to mix prints is at the beach. The endless expanse of sky, sea, and sand makes a perfect backdrop for a print or two.

Upon waking up to a beautifully clear morning, I changed into my choice of swimwear for the day and covered up with a new addition to my wardrobe. I had just received this lovely scarf from my friend Bea for Christmas and was about to set it aside for a trip I'm planning for the summer when I noticed that it's large enough to function as a sarong. So with this joyful discovery, I had the scarf/sarong washed and dried overnight and brought it with me. Talk about being excited! :) I contrasted it with a pink-and-brown bikini for a fruity color cocktail.

Then at breakfast, my cousin let me borrow her new discovery I've been wanting to try for myself -- Goody spin pins! They look a bit weird -- and a bit scary as they remind me of the screws on Frankenstein's monster's head -- but they serve a purpose!

It held up my messy bun so well, I'm so excited to purchase my own pair so I can spare my hair the stress of being under an elastic band all the time. Note to self: this does not count as shopping because it's to keep my hair in place. Haha.

I love pieces like this scarf / sarong because I can use it in so many variations. Unfortunately, after a few hours, I noticed a few tassels were already missing :( I'm planning to take them all off and sew them back on after evenly spacing out the remaining ones.

I can't tire of matching pink and green. My earliest recollection of wearing this color combination was in college, when I wore my round-neck sea green shirt with a pink cardigan and/or my sneakers with pink stripes. Quite preppy for me, but those were my younger, carefree, a little-tomboyish days. Years later, the color scheme still makes for a refreshing picture, don't you think? ;)

Bikini from Chocolate Clothing. Scarf from Banana Republic.

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