Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Woke up to a foggy morning yesterday; what a change from the previous weeks! I think December finally decided to make itself known :) I initially donned a crisp white shirt dress but it was too stuffy for me, that it didn't even make it past breakfast... haha. So I quickly changed into this stretchy olive dress, which is a good barometer of my weight.

It was quite tight when I bought it some three years ago. Now, it's a bit loose now in some areas but I'm hoping to correct that this holiday season with all the eating and eating! ;)

Coincidentally, did you know my childhood nickname is Olive Oyl? I was named after the scrawny, gawky girlfriend of Popeye the Sailor Man.

Not to mention shapeless! Hahaha... On to my lovely necklace which distracts from my lack of curves... Don't you just love accessories? :)

Hope you had a lovely Monday!

Zara dress. Temt cardigan. Necklace from Hong Kong. Tights from Shanghai. Pumps from Hong Kong.

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