Friday, December 16, 2011

Magic Pants

Cream, gunmetal gray, and a hint of bright sky blue... 

I just realized that the belt and pants I wore here are approximately ten years old! Wow...  I like the way things were made then; they really last a loooooong time. Nowadays, regardless of whether I buy something from a department store or Forever21, things start falling apart after the fifth use, if not earlier. Oh well, that's "disposable" fashion for you!

I remember begging my mom to let me buy these pants. The funny part is, it came with a belt bag slung over one hip (very hip-hop 90s), which I had taken out at the tailor. Back then, they were a bit expensive at over P1,000, but I really really liked it and got to take it home. I can't explain what they are -- they're soft enough to be jazz pants, comfy enough to be pajamas (yehey!), formal enough to be slacks. They're magic! :) I hope they last another ten years!

How about you? Do you have a pair of pants that you can't live without?

Thanks for visiting and have a lovely weekend!

Calvin Klein blouse. YRYS pants. Belt from Beijing bazaar. Pumps from Hong Kong.

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