Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lazy Dressing

Why do I love printed dresses so much?

Because they're PERFECT for lazy people like me who want to look decent with minimum effort required. First, it's just one piece that you can just throw on -- no need to pair a top and bottom. Second, the print is an accessory by itself, so there's less need to pile on the bling, unless you want to, of course :)

Here I just accessorized with a necklace and bracelet in the same color palette. Easy breezy!

After spending the whole day at home baking, sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating... Oh did I repeat myself? ...I met up with Esel at Saint's Alp for a quick catch-up. I felt like I haven't seen her in ages*!

I am truly so blessed by our friendship. She feeds me positivity and blessings and all things good! I'm so inspired to go to work today!

Have a great Thursday! :)

Dress, thrifted. Necklace from Hong Kong. Bracelet from 168 Mall. Patent flats from Hong Kong.
* Which I always feel like anyway. If I could choose someone to be my Siamese twin, she'd be it! Not sure if she feels the same way though ;p

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