Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to Wear Animal Print

1) With confidence and natural beauty: Esel in the grass-covered elevator.

2) With confidence: John flanked by two beauties.

3) With confidence: Dino and his handsome date.

The featured animal-print blazer is Esel's, and the guys had a lot of fun trying their adventurous side and modeling it, without much prodding too! Hmmmm... what's up with that? ;p

We had so much fun with the gang at Skye Lounge. We loved the venue, which is perfect for "oldies" like us who just want to hang out and chat -- it's not too crowded, there are chairs and sofas to lounge on, we can hear each other over the music, and non-smokers need not suffocate because of the natural air...

Oh, and it's a lovely place to bump into Derek Ramsey!!! *giggle*

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