Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holiday Dressing in Summer Weather

It's been really, really warm the past couple of days. How does one dress up for the holidays when she'd suffocate in anything with sleeves, much less a scarf? Yesterday -- ahhhhh finally, Friday!!! -- I chose a thin silk blouse in a vibrant jewel tone (can't properly see the purple here) to get into a festive spirit.

I accessorized with pearl strands with gold accents, mixing the old and new. One is my mom's twenty-year-old purchase from Rustans and another's from H&M. Guess which is which!

I fell in love with the pleats/strips down the front of the blouse. It added more coverage since the fabric is quite flimsy, and it also exudes a calming, relaxing feel of a waterfall. Ah, I'm less stressed already.

Have a blessed weekend, everyone!

Blouse from Maple. U2 skirt. Heels from VNC.

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