Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

As is Chinese custom to wear dots or circles for the new year, I wore mine paired with stripes when I met up with my lovely friends from the Glee Club a few days ago. It was refreshing to see them after another year... people are getting married, moving cities, finishing school, starting businesses... it forces me to look back on how I've spent my year. It was a pretty good 2011, though I could have handled it better.

I had taken a few baby steps this year, starting with this blog... but I know I worried too much about too many things, and kept a lot to myself when I should have just let go and let loose. I'd like to take more risks in 2012, to be less afraid of change and competition, to be more confident in God's protection and His plans for me.

And I'd like to start learning how to cook, after putting it on my New Year's resolutions for three consecutive years*... there's no stopping me this time as I've said it in public; now I have to push through with it, right? :)

Like the thousands of dots on my dress, I have received countless blessings this year. In 2012, I resolve to wake up grateful everyday and to be without regrets. On to more adventure and endless possibilities!

Happy new year, everyone!

Many thanks to Jonel Mojica for these photos :)

Skirt worn as a dress, mom's. Cardigan from Bershka. Bag from Mulberry. Heels from Charles & Keith.

* Similarly, I started putting "learn Photoshop" in my New Year's resolutions in 1997 and after years of self-help books, I finally enrolled in a class and successfully learned it in 2009. Talk about procrastination! ;p

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