Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hair Story

There's been so many changes the past couple of weeks, it's left me craving for another change...

Eeek! Can I rock short hair? ;)

Ever since I was little, I've been traumatized by having my hair cut. I suppose it’s a common practice for thrifty moms to cut their children’s hair for as long as possible to save money. Since my aunt was slightly better at cutting hair, she did mine when I visited them on weekends. I still remember my brother, my cousin, and I would have our hair cut one after the other, and that green chair we sat on.

Finally, when I was old enough to warrant a hair cut from a "proper" hairdresser, my mother insisted on having my hair cut below the ears, with bangs, despite my protests. Of course, since she was the one paying, she had her way. I had the same hair style for roughly seven years. The trauma continued when I was able to pay for my own haircuts, with bad cuts, inconsistent cuts across several visits, moody hairdressers, super-duper-fantastic hairdressers who've cut my hair once and disappeared from the face of the earth, etc. I thank God every time I go to my current hair stylist that she's still there and she cuts my hair perfectly each time, exactly the way I request it.

The most drastic thing I've done to my hair is have it curled two years ago. My boyfriend then liked it. I liked it too because it meant I didn’t need to brush my hair, a habit which I’ve gotten accustomed to long after my hair went straight ;p Oops. Good thing I remembered to comb my hair today.

Still, I’m pretty very conservative when it comes to my hair… which is why I think I’m going crazy just even to consider chopping it all off for a pixie cut.

What about you? What’s your hair story? :)

Photo from Garance Dore.

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