Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chocolate Swirls

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Please pardon the unimaginative post title, as my brain's currently running on low fuel... Aaaand here we go! Just a short post today before I zone out any further ;p

I'm wearing a very old dress but it looks as new as it did when I first got it in a Greenhills tiangge sometime when I was in high school. I remember I was even skinnier before such that it took me three years to fit into it properly. Ten years later (!!!) here it is, and here I am!

The fabric is some kind of polyester blend that's quite breathable and absolutely wrinkle-free -- my favorite part about this dress! Once again, I used the trick of having a bib necklace to cover my bony chest create the illusion of a higher neckline. Hehe.

Another thing I look out for when buying dresses is a nipped waist, here created by a separate waist panel and some shirring.

What did I last say about lazy dressing in a printed dress? ;p Easy, breezy! I paired it with heels in an unexpected color -- black. Had a black cardigan to match, but my photographer censored it out of the photo. Hihi.

City Triangles dress. Necklace from Island Girl. Heels from VNC.

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