Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Compared to the warm weather last week, it's been raining steadily the past couple of days with intermittent periods of sunshine. As we transition into cooler weather, I decided on a fun new way of wearing a traditional cheongsam blouse. Usually buttoned all the way up to the neck, I let loose and left it open, like I would with a blazer. This is a good alternative, especially in a humid country like the Philippines!

I had second thoughts about buying this blouse because I wanted to get the sleeves tailored for a slimmer fit. And unlike what I'd do in my younger days, if a piece of clothing needs alterations other than hemming, I'll give it a pass. Well, despite this slight improvement on my hoarding tendencies, I bought the blouse. Haha! I'm glad I did, as the relaxed fit kept me comfy all day, with nary a thought to what I was wearing or how long I've been sitting.

I continued the Chinoiserie theme with a single strand of old-school pearls.

I love, love, love the beautiful details of this blouse --  the quite-modern floral pattern, the double piping, the contrasting colors, the carefully attached lining... and the fact that I got it for a steal at P120 ;)

To paraphrase a famous quote, traditional mall shopping makes me ask, Why? Thrift shopping makes me ask, Why not? I must admit, thrift shopping has really made me more adventurous in my sartorial choices. My reasoning goes, it's so cheap, I can wear it and get rid of it if I don't like it! The downside is I grow to love most of my finds so much that my closet keeps on expanding. Oopsie! I need one of my brutally honest and sharply discriminating friends to help weed it out. Any takers?

Well, for now, on to more discoveries and more ways to wear them!

Thank you for visiting and hope you're having a lovely mid-week! :)

Purple tank top from Metallicus. Camay Co. cheongsam blouse, thrifted. M)phosis pants. Patent flats from Hong Kong.

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