Sunday, December 11, 2011

And the Craziness of Christmas Begins...

A few nights ago, I met up with one of my best friends, Kellda. We met in the summer of 2003 during our basic Accounting class and have been inseparable ever since, bonding over silly topics like guys and clothes. It's funny, considering how much time we spent studying and working on projects together, it's not the serious nerdy stuff that bound us all these years, but the ditzy-funny experiences of girly girls.

It dawned on us that night how different we were and how amazing we've stayed good friends despite this! Between the two of us, one is outgoing, assertive, and sociable, likes parties, and can hold her own when drinking with the guys, while the other is shy, can't say no, prefers to stay in a corner of the bar (when successfully coerced to go out), and orders water for her drink. Can you guess which one is which? Hahaha!

I LOVE that we ended up in similar outfits on this particular night out -- black top, nude/blush skirts, black heels -- that are still so different from each other, considering our respective body types and personalities.

While Kellda chose to accentuate her curves in a tube top and bandage skirt -- va-va-voom! -- and a rocker chic necklace I'd like to steal borrow, I covered up in a fitted long-sleeved top paired with a blush pink skirt that added more volume to a slight frame :)

Earlier that night, I attended Christmas dinner with my D-group and our sister D-group in the same outfit. I couldn't be bothered to do a costume change, so I wore something that would work for both events.

L-R: Lynda, me, Steph

Before I headed out the door, my mom asked me "Aren't you a little overdressed for D-group dinner?" Haha. I love my mom for being so concerned about what I wear. Can you see how concern for appearance runs in the blood? ;p Okay, fine... I just wore patent flats for the first portion of the night and packed my heels to change into later. It also made for easier driving!

I like the play of lace, sequins, and the blush-pink silky sheen. I felt like such a girly-girl and wanted to twirl like a ballerina. If I can't be more graceful, I might as well try to look it...

Ah, to have two events in one night is quite taxing physically. This is the first of Christmas events and meet-ups in my calendar, and there's plenty more! Here's to more outfit photos, to catching up and enjoying the company of those I love, and to the reason Christmas -- Christ :)

Have a blessed week ahead!

Photo credit: last three photos by Karen Sio.

Blouse, thrifted. Belt from Hong Kong. Topshop skirt. Patent flats from Hong Kong.

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