Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

As is Chinese custom to wear dots or circles for the new year, I wore mine paired with stripes when I met up with my lovely friends from the Glee Club a few days ago. It was refreshing to see them after another year... people are getting married, moving cities, finishing school, starting businesses... it forces me to look back on how I've spent my year. It was a pretty good 2011, though I could have handled it better.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Beach Cover-up / Print on the Beach, Part 4

It was so warm and sunny on our last morning five hours in Boracay, it was such a shame to leave! I finally got the chance to use my sheer beach cover-up with the toasty weather.

Print on the beach, Part 3

It was raining the whole of Day 3 of our Boracay trip, so it was a marvel to me that it slowed down to a very light drizzle the moment we stepped out for dinner, allowing me to take this shot outdoors. I looked down and was entertained by the swirls of color about to spill over the pattern of pebbles.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Print on the beach, Part 2

This is kind of a silly post but I just wanted to document our most action-packed part of our trip as the rain had us cooped up indoors on most of our days there.

Day Two in Boracay had the whole gang on a wet-and-dry adventure with a package we got online for Boracay Zorb + ATV. We started with an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) ride for us who were old enough, and buggies for an adult-and-child tandem. We rolled up and down the hilly roads of Boracay (who knew!), both paved and unpaved. But first, we had to get adequate protection in case something went wrong...

Since we weren't going back to the resort before dinner, I decided to pack light. I wore one bikini underneath a shirt dress for the ATV ride, kept my dress dry during the Zorb ride, and packed an extra bikini to change into later.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Style Profile: Erika

Although younger in age, my cousin Erika possesses a mature attitude towards fashion: clothes should emphasize one's best features. I think that explains why she has a well-curated wardrobe as opposed to my overflowing one, which includes oversized shirts and blazers she'd consider I can do without ;p

For our trip to the beach, Erika packed just six dresses, each with a punch. This dress, she shared, is too short so the beach was the only place she could wear it to.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Print mix on the beach, Part 1

One of the easiest places to mix prints is at the beach. The endless expanse of sky, sea, and sand makes a perfect backdrop for a print or two.

Upon waking up to a beautifully clear morning, I changed into my choice of swimwear for the day and covered up with a new addition to my wardrobe. I had just received this lovely scarf from my friend Bea for Christmas and was about to set it aside for a trip I'm planning for the summer when I noticed that it's large enough to function as a sarong. So with this joyful discovery, I had the scarf/sarong washed and dried overnight and brought it with me. Talk about being excited! :) I contrasted it with a pink-and-brown bikini for a fruity color cocktail.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Pink Cloud

While I'm enjoying the beaches of Boracay and the company of my family, I'll post something I wore last week.

This has got to be my favorite blouse of all time! I even broke a shopping rule when I spotted this, after I told myself no more sack dresses and blouses. Oopsies. No buyer's remorse for this baby, though!

How much I love it, let me count the ways...
1) It's sleeveless without showing my underarms*,
2) loose and airy without being boring,
3) pink without getting too saccharine, AND
4) I can play with this top in so many ways as I've worn it before here.

With the Christmas season getting much crazier than in previous years, I'm glad I have pieces like this blouse that can transition from day to night. 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Printastic Christmas

I'm all packed and ready for the beach! Heading to Boracay tomorrow with family from my mother's side and I brought with me prints, prints, prints... Starting here with my bag, a gift from my beloved friend Char :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Styled: Cara

I was so awkward as a teen that I am quite happy / awed / a bit envious that young people today have so much sense of style! While some... just need a little help like I did* ;)

Last weekend, I had the privilege of shopping with my aunts and my thirteen year-old cousin Cara at Bershka**. I enjoyed picking outfits for her to wear because yes, I love living vicariously through my younger cousins and nieces! Hihihi. If I can't have stylish teen years, I might as well help others have theirs, right? :)

Here's one pairing I find so adorable -- an olive green cardigan and a tiered floral skirt. Although each piece has a different print, they meshed well together because of a common color, light pink, found on the cardigan's bow print and the skirt's panels. I like the skirt because the elasticized waistband will grow along with Cara for the next few years.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Red Hot

It's been a few days since my last post so I have a bit to catch up on!

First up... Who would've ever thought I'd go and buy myself some hot red pants... ever?

These are probably one of the things I'm most scared of buying, much less wearing out. in. public. because they simply scream "look at me!" I guess I still surprise myself every day! To ease myself into the frightening endeavor of going out in public in these, I wore these for my cousin's birthday celebration at home, paired with a shirt that's simple enough to be labeled pambahay or for home use only. Hehe.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I'd like to introduce you to the dress that cemented my love for thrift-store shopping. I call it my Tropicana-rainforest dress, taken here in front of a mango tree. Heehee. Trying to tie it in with a nature theme.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shoe Story: Luxury Disco

These gorgeous beauties are the first (and only) luxury label shoe that I own. Well, the designers would call this a bridge brand, a younger, more "affordable" brand extension of their original luxury labels ;p

I bought them during a trip to Hong Kong with my family, after my cousin Erika insisted I go to the D&G store and buy the shoes that she had just bought moments ago! She was like "It's on saaaale! You have to try it!!! See if they have your siiiiiize! Go nooooooow!" I couldn't resist!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hair Story

There's been so many changes the past couple of weeks, it's left me craving for another change...

Eeek! Can I rock short hair? ;)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Red is for Giving!

Had an utterly exhausting but heart-happy day last Saturday with Operation Smile. Together with a hundred other volunteers, we headed to Pasig City to conduct a medical mission, giving free medical services, medicine, and Christmas gift packs for the community members to take home.

Here I am with one of the most indefatigable volunteers I've ever had the privilege of working with, Ate Marilou. She transferred and packed gift packs from 8 am to 4 pm, stopping only to eat a short lunch and sitting briefly towards the end of the afternoon when the lines were slow.

God is so gracious; He provided an overabundant supply of food, gifts, and volunteers that we did not lack for anything :) I'm truly blessed to have been part of this experience.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Connect the Dots

We had our company Christmas party last Friday, and I wanted to wear something a little festive without resorting to the contrived red-or-green theme.

Dots are a great way to liven up an outfit as they keep the eye roving. Then add a dash of red and you've got something that will liven up the party (in my case, it would usually be a slumber party. Hahaha.) I added a studded belt to play on the dots theme, and to add a rocker vibe to an otherwise traditional print.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

And the Craziness of Christmas Begins...

A few nights ago, I met up with one of my best friends, Kellda. We met in the summer of 2003 during our basic Accounting class and have been inseparable ever since, bonding over silly topics like guys and clothes. It's funny, considering how much time we spent studying and working on projects together, it's not the serious nerdy stuff that bound us all these years, but the ditzy-funny experiences of girly girls.

It dawned on us that night how different we were and how amazing we've stayed good friends despite this! Between the two of us, one is outgoing, assertive, and sociable, likes parties, and can hold her own when drinking with the guys, while the other is shy, can't say no, prefers to stay in a corner of the bar (when successfully coerced to go out), and orders water for her drink. Can you guess which one is which? Hahaha!

I LOVE that we ended up in similar outfits on this particular night out -- black top, nude/blush skirts, black heels -- that are still so different from each other, considering our respective body types and personalities.

While Kellda chose to accentuate her curves in a tube top and bandage skirt -- va-va-voom! -- and a rocker chic necklace I'd like to steal borrow, I covered up in a fitted long-sleeved top paired with a blush pink skirt that added more volume to a slight frame :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Subtle Sparkle and Sheen

Hey, city slickers! (Say whaaat?) Decided to bring a subtle dash of celebration into my workday wear via some sequins and other shiny things without going over the top. I held out on the bling because honestly, I woke up really late and was rushing to the office. The resulting look is very understated with a few surprising details.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chocolate Swirls

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Please pardon the unimaginative post title, as my brain's currently running on low fuel... Aaaand here we go! Just a short post today before I zone out any further ;p

I'm wearing a very old dress but it looks as new as it did when I first got it in a Greenhills tiangge sometime when I was in high school. I remember I was even skinnier before such that it took me three years to fit into it properly. Ten years later (!!!) here it is, and here I am!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Compared to the warm weather last week, it's been raining steadily the past couple of days with intermittent periods of sunshine. As we transition into cooler weather, I decided on a fun new way of wearing a traditional cheongsam blouse. Usually buttoned all the way up to the neck, I let loose and left it open, like I would with a blazer. This is a good alternative, especially in a humid country like the Philippines!

I had second thoughts about buying this blouse because I wanted to get the sleeves tailored for a slimmer fit. And unlike what I'd do in my younger days, if a piece of clothing needs alterations other than hemming, I'll give it a pass. Well, despite this slight improvement on my hoarding tendencies, I bought the blouse. Haha! I'm glad I did, as the relaxed fit kept me comfy all day, with nary a thought to what I was wearing or how long I've been sitting.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Woke up to a foggy morning yesterday; what a change from the previous weeks! I think December finally decided to make itself known :) I initially donned a crisp white shirt dress but it was too stuffy for me, that it didn't even make it past breakfast... haha. So I quickly changed into this stretchy olive dress, which is a good barometer of my weight.

It was quite tight when I bought it some three years ago. Now, it's a bit loose now in some areas but I'm hoping to correct that this holiday season with all the eating and eating! ;)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Rain, Rain!

This is what you call dressing in the dark and hoping for the best! Hahaha! I think my outfit made sense anyway -- everything's in blues, greens, and purples.

It's my first time to wear this beautiful ikat poncho I received at least a year ago. Unlike most of my gifted clothing, this one's from my dad :) But wait, that's not my whole outfit...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Swapped: Saturdays Are Made for Sundresses

Wooohoooooooo I'm freeeeee!!!!!

Hope you can share with me in this celebration as this is the first weekend I don't have classes. I happily donned a sundress yesterday. The past few Saturdays have been reminiscent of my college days, with a business-school dress code (e.g. sleeves, no shorts, no slippers, etc.)! I know there's a good reason for this -- to encourage us to look professional and help us prepare for the corporate world -- but I couldn't help but look with envy at other students who went to class in beach-wear. Hehe.

Just to explain today's post title, my friend Sharon and I love each other's styles so much we decided to swap a couple of our wardrobe pieces! I blogged about her style here. This is one of the dresses she chose to lend me as I gushed about it the last time she wore it. I kept it simple with no accessories whatsoever and paired my long-forgotten nude wrap-around sandals.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holiday Dressing in Summer Weather

It's been really, really warm the past couple of days. How does one dress up for the holidays when she'd suffocate in anything with sleeves, much less a scarf? Yesterday -- ahhhhh finally, Friday!!! -- I chose a thin silk blouse in a vibrant jewel tone (can't properly see the purple here) to get into a festive spirit.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Something New/Old: Slouchy Blazer

Anyone who knows me won't be surprised to see my closet overflowing with clothes, my drawers stuffed full, my couch of ten years hidden under piles of garments. Yes, I'm a bargain-hunting impulse buyer who adds more pieces to her closet than she weeds out. I'm really working on improving on these habits, hence this blog -- it's pushed me to use my pieces in different ways, yes? -- and that long-forgotten shopping list I once had. Haha. In my defense, it did work for four months :)

Another thing I'll be starting on doing is to really take a look at the clothes that I've purchased eons ago but have never touched... and try to wear them. Or else, I have to give them away. Ack! says the hoarder in my mind. Okay, fine. Let's do this.

So I spent an hour* combing through my clothes rack a few days ago. I wasn't as successful taking out clothes** as I was in finding I still have a lot of pieces yet to be worn, like this blazer! Such a waste to give away something I've never worn, reasoned out the hoarder.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lazy Dressing

Why do I love printed dresses so much?

Because they're PERFECT for lazy people like me who want to look decent with minimum effort required. First, it's just one piece that you can just throw on -- no need to pair a top and bottom. Second, the print is an accessory by itself, so there's less need to pile on the bling, unless you want to, of course :)

Here I just accessorized with a necklace and bracelet in the same color palette. Easy breezy!

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