Thursday, November 3, 2011

"When are we going shopping?"

I know what everyone's thinking. She went shopping AGAIN?

Why, yes I did... for a friend! I get all giddy when someone asks me to shop with/for them. "When are we going shopping?" is music to my ears. Doing what I love -- check! Doing what I love without spending my money -- check! So when a friend asked me to go shopping with him, I didn't mind that it was for work clothes. I just had to get my shopping fix!

I understand most guys are pretty easy and fast to shop with. This friend was too, but unlike the other guys I shopped for, he chose everything himself and rejected all my suggestions. I felt a bit useless after that so here's what I did to make myself productive...

And this...

It was a pretty slow evening at Zara. Twenty minutes later*, we're done and off to dinner! Love shopping for guys! So easy!

Look who decided to stop by, looking all fresh and gorgeous! <3 And in the same print too!

Happy Thursday!

Dress from Hong Kong. Cardigan from Valleygirl. Flats from Giuseppe Zanotti.

* I honestly wasn't even tempted to take a peek into the ladies' section. Wow. Crazy, right?

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