Monday, November 14, 2011

Summer White and Denim

We're already way into the -ber months yet I find the recent weather reminiscent of the summer -- scorching hot in the mornings and raining in the afternoon. And although we attended the earliest Sunday service yesterday, it was so warm that I decided on a white summer dress. Of course, I had to keep myself even warmer with a denim jacket ;p Go figure.

Well... I actually wanted to top the dress with a structured jacket, and a leather one would've suffocated me, so I ended up with this instead. Hmmm. Note to self while putting on the denim: add structured jacket in a lighter fabric on my shopping list ;)

The dress and jacket are two of my older pieces in my closet. I believe they're both circa 2003... My mom bought me this jacket when she and my aunt went to the US. The funny thing is, I have a whole collection of denim jackets in all lengths and cuts and I can count the times I've worn each on one hand. Well, the upside to being a pack rat is that 1) personal tastes change over time and 2) trends come and go, so nothing goes to waste*!

My favorite part about the dress are these french knots. Can you see them?

I grabbed the first dark-colored accessory I could see -- my earrings -- and matched it with my heels and everyday bag. Lazy! Effortless!

Just Jeans dress. J. Lo by Jennifer Lopez jacket. VNC heels. H&M earrings.
* Unless, of course, you compute the present value of money. Hihi. Please excuse the nerdy reference; we just had our Accounting and Finance class last weekend.

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