Friday, November 25, 2011

Stepping Closer to the Edge

Let's get it out in the open -- I look gaunt :( I can't help it; coughing and blowing one's nose takes up so many calories that my skinny jeans are *gasp* now loose. Blessedly, despite my body's knack for losing weight on its own, my mom still tries to fatten me up with tonight's dinner of mushroom pasta with truffle oil and steak. Mmmmm!

Moving on! :)

Today I took a risk wearing purple jeans to the office! Yes, purple jeans! Not really a problem if all I'll see is my boss -- after all, it's casual Friday -- but I had a meeting at the big office with the guys in barongs and nice dress shoes so naturally, I had second thoughts.

But hey, I topped it with a decent blouse and classic pearls, which were second choice to a funkier gold-and-pink necklace. Yeah, I chickened out a bit. I figure I'm still in a corporate setting so I need to take just one fashion-forward piece at a time. I added a strand with gold accents to tie in with the rest of my accessories.

Still, I couldn't resist adding a little spice to the prim-and-proper pearls with a leopard-print chain belt.

And finished off with black peep-toe heels from a Zara employee sale years ago! I love the strip of gold peeping up at me.

My purple pants are clearer in this photo :) These are the cheapest jeans I've purchased in a long time! They only cost around P600, and no wonder! I read recently that retailers are looking to cut costs in every way possible, and this jean is an example -- very thin fabric, seams where pockets should be, no lining, except for a reinforced waistband. Well, for something as "trendy" as purple jeans, it makes sense!

Operation gain weight starts this Sunday! Planning to sleep again the whole afternoon and eat, eat, eat :) Oh, and manage stress levels. This should be a piece of cake... only by God's grace!

H&M blouse, H&M jeans, Zara heels, mom's pearls, Topshop belt.

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