Sunday, November 27, 2011

Simple Luxury

I can't quite explain it, but this photo perfectly captures the essence of a bird about to take flight. He is tentative and unsure, yet full of faith and possibilities. Do you see it? :)

Hmmm. Maybe it's just the mood I've been in the past couple of weeks.

This blouse -- made in Italy! -- is one of my favorite discoveries while thrift shopping. It feels like a simple t-shirt but I love its luxuriousness -- the beaded detail, the pleats along the sleeves, and its use of several fabrics. The major part of the blouse is made of a soft cotton that's used in t-shirts, which makes it so comfortable. You know what's coming next... I'll skip the part about me being able to sleep in it ;)

In celebration of our last day of class, we had cocktails at the Rockwell Bar afterwards, which was why I settled on black skinny jeans. I tucked the front part of my blouse in and added a studded skinny belt.

I bundled up with a cardigan for class, which didn't do justice to my blouse...

But it is sooooooo cozy. It probably didn't help that I still had traces of my cold and felt extra drowsy in class. I literally wanted to drop my head into my sweater-clad arms. If only I didn't sit right smack in front ;p My mom bought this cardigan for me because she knows how much I love styling my clothes in different ways. See the snaps at the back and the long ends at the front?

I can wear this sweater at least five different ways... I'll show you guys next time when I'm not so lazy :)

Just want to share -- when I wear what my mom buys, I'm reminded of how blessed I am that she feeds my creativity and kikayness. Mothers feed the soul! In today's crazy, negative world, isn't having a loving, supportive mom a luxury in itself?

Have a blessed weekend!

Sportmax blouse. Picnic cardigan. Uniqlo jeans. Maple belt. Shoes from Hong Kong.

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