Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Shortest Day

I woke up at 5 AM, had my first meeting by 7, went to the requisite family dinner, and I was still going like an Energizer bunny at 9 PM, when I'm usually dead-tired on a Monday.

It was nothing short of amazing grace that sustained me yesterday. I felt so alive, inspired, and productive despite the crazy, crazy atmosphere at the office. Could it have been the 7 AM meeting that pumped adrenaline through my veins the entire day? Hahaha. And to think I really dreaded the insanely early meeting. Hmmm. I could be on to something here :)

ORRR it could also be the fact that I mentally prepared myself for a long day the night before. I thought to myself "What do I wear tomorrow that will make me want to get out of bed? What won't make me feel stuffy at a 7 AM meeting but still look formal enough for the office? What would I be comfortable in and keep me cool-headed?"

I settled on a loose -- what else -- striped blouse I bought five years ago, and I think I still haven't grown quite into it. It used to be a lot looser though, so I haven't gotten a lot of uses out of it yet. Then instead of a bib necklace, I went for a thin scarf instead. Yeah, I wrapped it around my neck like a bib! Clumsy as I am, I was careful not to spill anything on it during lunch.

Although the scarf was technically the third layer I had on, I didn't feel too warm as both my blouse and scarf were light and thin. I also liked the nice mix of patterns and colors -- big print on small.

Other than what I wear on the outside, it's definitely the attitude that made my day so positive. I hope I can keep this up the whole week! Let's see!

Have a gorgeous, blessed Tuesday! :)

H&M blouse. Kenzo scarf. M)phosis pants, mom's (shhhh). Pumps from Hong Kong.

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