Monday, November 21, 2011

Shoe Story: Tough as Nails

A shoe is more than just a shoe. Admit it, shoe-holics out there :)

More than mere protection for the feet, my shoes each have a story to tell.

Some, I've purchased in celebration, some out of depression, rebellion, necessity, or just for fun. There are pairs that have been abused no end by unpaved parking lots, drenched in the rain, and taken off before the flood would wash them away. There are those that lost their heel tips* in the cobblestones and gardens of Ateneo. There are some I have traipsed miles in with friends because we were too cheap to take the bus. Then there are shoes that have gone on dates with me, heel height dependent on the guy's height and confidence ;p 

And so, here begins a series chronicling some of my shoes, the memories I've had with them, and the adventures we've yet to seek together!

Remember these from a previous post?
I spent a loooooong time debating on whether or not to get this pair, its gray printed counterpart, or both. I'm glad I ended up getting these! They're rock n' roll to my sweeter dresses and a spunky addition to any casual outfit!

They were too unique to pass up taking a back photo of. I like the sculptural look of the wooden wedge and the metal plate it's attached on. I feel like I'm wearing a piece of art.

Not a lot of memories associated with these babies for now, but I'm sure they're sturdy enough to endure more. See you around, kiddo!

Studded black wedges from VNC.
* Fortunately, these were the cheap ones from 168 Mall -- so it's less painless for me to have it damaged -- and they came with extra heel tips!

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