Monday, November 7, 2011

Running Around in Black and White

Whew! It's already Monday and I don't think I've caught my breath just yet from the crazy day that was Friday.

I had five meetings, a meet-up, and an evening event (that's seven things on my calendar) all packed within a 13-hour time frame. Not to complain, but I think it's time for me to learn how to say no. Eep. Oh and learn to delegate and not procrastinate -- good habits do alleviate a lot of stress :)

Reflecting my headless-chicken-mess-of-a-brain state that day was a print-on-print ensemble.

I know, it's kind of crazy on the eyes, a fact that I realized only when I got home at 11 pm that night. Haha. I must have made a lot of people dizzy that day with my mental and physical state!

Here's another photo I couldn't resist posting as I really like the play of two colors in two different prints!

I belted the kimono blouse and fastened it with a safety pin -- trick of the trade! -- to keep it from unraveling the whole day.

And of course, what better shoes to run around in than flats! These are my comfiest pair EVER. I could sleep in them. If only I could wrap it around me like a blanket!!! Now I know why some people tend to buy three of the exact same pair; I should have hoarded this pair! Heeee.

Well, as crazy as last week was, I'm thankful we have another long weekend to allow us to catch our breath. Hope everyone's having a good one!

Striped shirt from Metallicus. Kimono blouse from H&M. Pants from Uniqlo. Ring from China. Flats from Hong Kong.

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