Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oh, Deer Me!

Please excuse the corny caption, but I initially thought I was wearing a cat-print until I took a closer look!

If you've noticed, I used my much-neglected SLR camera today instead of my usual iPhone, which explains why I took my own photos. I still need to either train someone to use the camera or figure out how to take remote-control photos, both of which I'm still mustering patience for.

This is the print in close-up:

I pair it with a white skirt from my college days -- proof I have not gained much (or any) weight since. I've given up trying to fatten up and have embraced my emaciated / little-boy figure! ;p

I had tucked this blouse away after purchasing it in April. I have this habit of "saving" new purchases to wear "later," even I'm not sure what that later is... Probably when I'm bored with my current rotation and need something "new" to wear. Ahaha! In those moments, it does save me a spontaneous and oft-regretted shopping trip, even if it's to the nearest ukay-ukay.

It's sooooo warm today but this blouse is a sanity-saver! It's completely light and breezy. And the best thing about it is it's wrinkle-free. I'm sure I'll take this along on many a work trip :)

Speaking of work trips, it looks great with shorts too! I wonder when I can ever wear shorts to work. Hahaha! Working from the beach, maybe? Someday..!

Enough day-dreaming. Time for lunch!

H&M blouse. Urban & Co. skirt. Forever21 shorts.

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