Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Name is Lola

I am truly blessed to have so much happening in my life lately. It's been very hectic at work but I've managed to exercise at least TWICE a week! For someone who usually exercises once a quarter, that's what I call a miracle! Haha... Oh, and it helps that I found something I enjoy doing despite having to sweat, and that's Barre3. Despite the body pain* after each session, I look forward to class and even think about it at work.

Okay, enough babbling like a crazy person!

Aside from exercise, I've been pushing myself to step out of my hermetic lifestyle for a moment, which means getting out of my usual 5-km radius. Here I am in Rockwell! Woohoo! Achievement!

What daring and youthfulness I put into getting myself out of bed on a sleepy afternoon and driving all 13 km out, I balanced by dressing in something very comfortable and grandma-ish (hence the title of this post).

My mom's necklace and bangle perfectly complemented the outfit! Hmmm... I wish I could rifle through her stuff more often ;)

I weighed down the girly, flirty pieces with my trusty black bag and my new black heels.

Dress from ukay-ukay. Blouse from Topshop. Heels from VNC. Jewelry, mom's.

* Have you ever had your RIBS hurt? Who would've thought there are active muscles in there?

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