Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Long and Short of It

I started my day at 5 am yesterday and prepared for the long day by printing my route from Google Maps the night before. I had to travel 13 km to Manila Ocean Park to check on a booth we set up for work. Praise God -- I didn't get lost! And I got to spend ample time with our customers at our booth.

Since I'd be at an outdoor event (read: hot), I allowed myself to wear shorts and decided to make a quick change for school later. Yahoo! I got to wear shorts on a Saturday ;) With the sun hitting my legs, it almost felt like I was at the beach! I use anything I can to keep happy, positive vibes, and wearing shorts = reminds me of the beach = happy place.

Unfortunately, these shorts were probably stained in the wash with a red shirt. See the discoloration? They're still my favorite though!

One hour later, I'm a little out of breath but happy to be productive so early in the morning! I made it in time for class. And since we have only a few weeks left in the Ateneo Rockwell campus, here I am hamming it up in front of its identifiable red brick wall.

To keep the look from being too "prairie," I accessorized with a more modern, chunky necklace with metallic accents and pops of color.

This skirt is soooo old! It's a hand-me-down from my mom about five years ago -- back when the peasant skirt was the trend and she bought around ten different ones* -- and it's actually my first time to wear it because... honestly, I'm not a big fan of frayed, unfinished edges like this.

I almost got rid of this too, via one of my closet sales... I wonder how this piece wormed its way back into my closet**! Hehehehe...

I noticed the skirt has a drawstring that's different from my other skirts, which has the string or ribbon running through the entire waist. This ensures the material is evenly gathered whether one's waistline is 24" or 34". Hihi. I'm obsessive-compulsive that way. With this skirt, I can't get TOO thin, because then the skirt would bunch up in front because it has a yoke.

Okay, enough fashion terminology for today! I must have fashion on the brain. Back to work! :)

Alternative Vintage Soft tee. Bershka shorts. Picnic skirt. Nine West sandals.
* No, I'm not kidding. We really had a lot of long skirts. I'm not complaining though; I thoroughly enjoyed wearing them in school! They were so comfortable and best of all, they fit in the dress code (no shorts and mini-skirts).
** Two words: pack rat. Is it any surprise that my closet is overflowing? :D

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