Saturday, November 19, 2011

Like an Oldie

The reason for today's look was pretty simple. I had a heavy cold so I didn't want to get chilled by indoor air conditioning, but my body was a bit warmer than usual so I still needed a cover-up.

Voila! I put on a thin tank top (something I wouldn't wear by itself), a crocheted blouse, and layered on another light blouse.

My choice kept me level-headed throughout the day despite my brain malfunction I attribute to my sinus and the numbers that started swimming in my vision nearer the end of the afternoon :)

I'm looking forward to a very early night's sleep (think 9 PM) so I can rest this cold away! Happy weekend, everyone!

Tank top from Australia. Valleygirl crocheted blouse, worn backwards. Topshop blouse, worn backwards. Uniqlo jeans. Nine West shoes.

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