Wednesday, November 30, 2011


When I paired this fuchsia blouse over my gray shift dress, I suppose I'm trying to get more wear out of my clothing in as many different ways as possible. I'm hoping more experimentation with my current inventory (haha inventory!) will lead to less shopping.

The blouse's neckline is quite low so I really need to wear something underneath it. And then after all of seven years, I finally get to wear this belt! Yup -- I've never used it before and it's been sitting there on my belt rack waiting to be used. Like many of my possessions, it was so pretty that I couldn't resist buying it. And then when I got back home, it was like... uhhhh. I can't imagine using this.

Well, the spendthrift in me couldn't bear giving it away until I used it, even just once. So I guess I can part with it if I still don't use it for another year. Promise ;)

One of these days, I'll need to take it to Mr. Quickie to shorten it; I'd like to use it for high-waisted and hip-slung purposes. For now I've attached it beyond the chain (where you're really supposed to hook the belt), and even then, it's still loose so it's not sitting on my actual waist.

Thank you for reading! Happy Bonifacio day, everyone!

Suzuka dress, thrifted. Calvin Klein blouse. People are People belt. Nine West heels.

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