Friday, November 11, 2011

Just One Thing

Here's one of my favorite examples on how just one accessory can turn the most boring, most basic outfit into a more special-looking one. My proof? I received so many comments on how dressed up I was today... and I believe it's only because of that shiny thing around my collar!

Now take a look at this and imagine what I'd look like without my necklace. It does make a huge difference, right? I would've looked so Blah!

Two men at the office told me I looked like a school girl. Hmmm. Do I?

My obvious picker-upper of the day is this luxurious necklace I got... guess wheeeere? I'll give you some time to guess...

The person I met for dinner told me my necklace looked around P2,000. His jaw dropped when I said I picked it up for less than P200. My favorite part? The double-stranded ribbon that secures it at the back --  a nice, flirty surprise!

My look reflected my day -- no-nonsense with a little frou-frou and excitement. Now, off to enjoy window shopping!

Blouse from Uniqlo. Skirt from H&M. Necklace from 168 Mall. Shoes from Hong Kong.

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