Saturday, November 12, 2011

In a Rush

I'm so glad I could squeeze in a Barre3 session before having dinner with some of my favorite girls Char and Bea!

Since my class pushed our dinner to a later time than what we're usually used to, I was initially planning to just change into a loose shirt and keep my yoga shorts on* to keep myself from meeting up with them too late. Thank GOD for giving me the wisdom to throw a dress into my exercise bag in the morning "just in case" I decide to make an effort... because the girls I had dinner with were so well-dressed! They even had matching curls and girly touches on their blouses -- ruffles and pleats on one, and colorful stripes on the other! I am liking this kikay-ness! :)

Oh, did I mention I was in slippers** for dinner? Afterwards, we decided to head back to Eastwood for some dessert with Dennis. I really couldn't bear the thought of my loose floral dress + rubber slippers + after-gym hair = washing woman look, so I changed into the heels I wore at the office.


Methinks I look decent enough for public exposure and sharing the photo with a man(nequin). Happy weekend, everyone! :)

Dress from ukay-ukay. Vintage necklace, mom's. Sandals from Nine West.

* Yes, this is my I-don't-care-for-appearances mode. I actually believe in thinking if I won't bump into anyone who knows me, I actually won't. This usually doesn't work, sad to say :p
** Rubber slippers! I really looked like... oh gosh. Like these girls' underpaid help. Hahaha!

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