Thursday, November 17, 2011

I got what I wanted!

I've been mentioning how HOT it's been lately... I then woke up to a dark room on Tuesday and was tempted to let the sound of rain lull me back to sleep. BUT I had to go to work and I wanted to be at the office early for a change, so I jumped out of bed and into the shower, thinking of what to wear as I hummed along. I make it sound so important HAHA but I believe what you wear is a strong determinant of how you face the day... and that day, I'd like to be positive, upbeat, and most importantly, productive! :)

I selected my reliable purple dress from my clothes rack and just layered from there. This is probably one of the best dresses my mom bought for me. It's purple -- structured enough for work, dark enough for nighttime, soft enough that I forget it's not one of my loose sack dresses, and colored enough for some fun :)

I looped through a green short-haired belt to add dimension. Like most of my belts, it's meant to sit on my hips so I just knot it when I have it around my waist. This belt is one of my favorite buys in China. I <3 Chinese goods! So so cheap, and they're good enough quality if you're discerning enough. Surprised? Well... it does supply a huge amount of the selections in highstreet retailers like Topshop, H&M, and F21! China is just one big factory, and it's waiting for shopaholics to discover treasures in every nook and cranny!

Now let's proceed before I get too carried away with thoughts of shopping...

Since my belt had a gold buckle, I went with a gold chain necklace, here looped twice. I then added a third color to my outfit via a magenta cardigan I've had since my college days. An anecdote about this cardigan is that I couldn't decide among three colors in Mango -- beige, pistachio green, and magenta -- so guess what, I ended up with two! There went my allowance! :D

My RainBooties from ReadyforRain haven't arrived yet so I resorted to the next best thing I had -- patent pumps. My feet still got wet though I'm not complaining. I had the cool weather I wanted, even if it were for only a day. Thank you for this blessing, Lord :)

H&M dress. Mango cardigan. Uniqlo umbrella. Belt from China. Shoes from Hong Kong.

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