Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Here We Go Again...

I'm having a majorly corporate theme this week given the type of people I'll be meeting with and presenting to. But just because I have to look serious doesn't mean I have to give up my creative side.

And because I was too busy running around like a headless chicken during the day, I only managed to take a photo when I got home... which results in a not-so-good, poorly lighted photo. Sorry :(

Unlike some women, it's hard for me to get all excited wearing power suits and corporate clothing. I just feel so rigid and restricted. Remember, I have a penchant for loose, flowy, sack-like clothing ;p But I do admit that corporate wear, when done well, can look very feminine, and command not just attention but also respect.

Here's my consolation for wearing a button-up today -- a beautiful handmade necklace from coconut materials that I found in a bazaar a few weekends ago. I know, I'm not supposed to shop... *guilty smile*

I really like the lavender-striped button-down polo shirt. Maybe it's the pattern or the color, but it makes me quite happy to put it on. Must try it with shorts too!

And lastly... another thing I like about this outfit is the slimness of everything -- the nice-fitting shirt, the slim ankle-length pants, the heels (not included in the photo. Pffft.) Power dressing? Maybe not. Dressing for one's own joy (while keeping in the dress code), yes :)

Uniqlo polo shirt,. Seed pants. Island Girl necklace.

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