Friday, November 18, 2011

Dressed for a Kill

I dressed to kill but ended up as road kill. I went for a simple, confidence-infusing choice of a light-blue, breezy button-up and pressed gray slacks for a meeting with a buyer.

This is me trying not to cry to smile after we were run over and told "Oh, we don't really need you. You need us. We're happy with what we have." Of course, being very professional, she said this expertly in a much nicer way but that was the message. We got it loud and clear.


So, if you'll allow me to please let me find joy in the details of what I'm wearing... I take a little comfort in the OC-ness of my top's placket (that's what you call the overlapping part of two pieces of fabric where the buttons are). It covers the buttons and has a small stitch between each button to keep the placket in place.

I'm glad I found a cheaper, decent alternative to Zara shirt blouses in Uniqlo. It's really difficult for me to find tailored shirts that fit me because I'm so long-limbed (which is usually a medium) yet thin (which is usually a small). So when I saw this shirt initially in white, I ended up buying three in different colors!

Then there's this little sparkle to remind me...'s not the end of the world. There are worse things that can happen. We learn something new everyday.

Other than the musings above, I thank God it's Friday! :)

I know this sounds unbelievable, but I really can't wait for tomorrow's Accounting and Finance class -- I'm learning so much!

Uniqlo blouse. Uniqlo slacks. Belt from Hong Kong. Nine West pumps (not shown).

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