Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dalagang Bukid and Other Musings

I'm perfectly aware I put down "crocheted cardigans" on my Do Not Buy list, and thought long and hard about this cover-up right here before buying this one right here... There were so many crocheted tops in all lengths and designs in Maple when I last visited in August that I probably went a little loopy. Finally, I decided on this one right here because I thought it was the piece that I can use with the most number of outfits and occasions.

Oh and even with my amateur knowledge of fashion, I reasoned out that this was definitely NOT a cardigan. Haha. As my Ateneo professor would say, there is no such thing as a rational decision; everything we decide is tainted with emotion from the limbic brain. I agree completely!

Last week, I paired the traditional lace top with something equally feminine -- a loud floral skirt which my sister-from-another-mister Abby and I bought in Germany. It's been five years since and it's still one of my favorite pieces!

Year 2006, Exhibit A: Abby and I galavanting on the side streets of Germany! Please note, the dalagang bukid attire was inspired by the surrounding fields which we saw day after day.

I wore my skirt as a tube dress while Abby wore hers with the waistband over one shoulder. It produced a flowy kimono-like sleeve when belted.

The day's outfit reminded me so much of another photo taken around the same time as the photo above, I couldn't resist posting it!

Year 2006, Exhibit B: Dalagang bukid mode in the Ateneo Glee Club costume designed by Abby. Worn with mandatory hair bun and pearl earrings.

Year 2011: Same theme, this time accessorized with a chain shoulder bag and the ubiquitous field. Haha!

Here with my lovely, stylish mother, who also loves to be comfortable (see Fit Flops for evidence).

The thing I love most about keeping certain pieces of clothing over a looooong time is wearing them different ways, at times repeating looks, and each time I wear them, I remember a fond memory or two that's associated with it. I certainly miss those times traveling with the Glee Club and BFF Abby, and look forward to creating more looks with what I have!

Plenty to wear!

Crocheted top from Maple. Spaghetti top from Uniqlo. Skirt from Germany. Sandals from Nine West. Bag from Gold Lion, ukay-ukay.

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