Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Corporate Gypsy

The title of this post probably sounds a little like a contrived Halloween costume, but it's what I feel inspired by on most days. Although lacking the curvy va-voom factor of Disney's gypsy Esmeralda, I feel relaxed and comfortable in a loose top, a long, flowy skirt, a few accessories -- not too much so as would restrict (ahem) work -- and flats. Of course, working in a proper office* necessitates the need to be modest, so my selection of cardigans comes in quite handy.

There's nothing like tiered ruffles and a multi-strand necklace to distract from a bony chest. I say, the more frou-frou to distract / add volume, the better! ;)

I tried (try being the operative word here) to add more curves by cinching my waist with a garterized brown belt I found hanging around. I particularly like the symmetry formed by the vertical bar buckle and my skirt's belt loops.

The last time I used the belt, I was in college and I couldn't breathe with it on; it would be safe to say I didn't gain much weight since then. However, I did have a difficult time after lunch. My verdict: no garterized belts for whole-day outfits, especially if I'll be sitting down the entire time.

Above: volume-izers ruffles, necklace, pleats, cardigan add a few curves where there are none! I looooove fashion nowadays -- there is just so much room to experiment and no "right" body! Of course, that's what I'd like to believe given the grass is always greener on the other side and I'd like to have more meat on my bones ;)

I finished the look with my trusty ruffled flats. Any ideas on how to get scuffed tips back to a newer look?

Aaaaand here we go, a look-away photo. This outfit is soooo affordable, by the way! The only thing I purchased here were my skirt, which cost about P200, and my shoes. Hihi. Everything else was a hand-me-down**! Yay for cheap -- or better yet, free -- thrills!

I hope everyone had a gorgeous long weekend! Happy happy Wednesday!

Ruffled top from Topshop, hand-me-down. Cardigan from Valleygirl. Skirt from ukay-ukay. Belt from 168 Mall. Flats from Adolfo Dominguez. Necklace from mom.

* As opposed to my favorite daydream, working from the beach, or in shorts, or both.
** If anyone is cleaning out their closet and don't know what to do with their stuff, look no further! :)

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