Sunday, October 23, 2011

My New Babies -- Twins! (The Struggle That Accompanies Shoe-Shopping)

Oh, boy. There's nothing like shoes to make me salivate like Pavlov's dog. And when I see a good deal, I can't pass it up either! So what happens when I see a nice bargain on shoes?? I bring home more than what I had planned on buying. Oops. So much for sticking to my shopping list! And there I was, spending twenty minutes on the store couch, computing and analyzing and running down pros and cons of each decision, like the time I spent in my younger years on a Choose Your Own Adventure book. Yeah, right. My logical left brain was no match for my emotional right brain today ;p

Okay, on to the shoes that I spent all week thinking about! Tell me, which one would you have picked if you could only buy one?

Caution, readers: skip the next part if you don't want to read about my arduous decision-making process!

It was last Sunday that the eerie siren call of VNC Eastwood beckoned me to take a peek into their store. I first spotted the snakeskin ones in a mix of lavender and blue hues as this was on my list (Promise! Under "unique heels," which is a very very wide range. Hahaha!) Then the shopgirl told me they're out of my size and suggested why don't I try the black one first. Oh dear. When I put them on, I was done for. I must admit, the black ones stood out so well.

But I don't need black heels! Black shoes aren't on my list!

Yes, but they're so nice! Much better than the snakeskin ones when you put them side by side...

True, but the snakeskin ones are pretty too. Moreover, they're on the list. They're just what I need to spice up my boring shoe selection.

I must have spent a good fifteen minutes on an internal monologue* before I asked the shopgirl to have the snakeskin print in my size transferred from another branch. Whew. Expense averted for the day. I was half-hoping VNC wouldn't call me back.

Fast-forward to Wednesday, and VNC sends me a message that my reserved shoes have arrived. Oh no! Oh yes! Oh boy. Four days of contemplation later, I drop by today and once again begin an internal debate. The signs loomed: Buy 2, Get 3rd Pair at 50% Off. Buy 3, Get 4th Pair Free! I tried to concentrate not on the bargain but on the shoes: Do I need them?

Sidenote: my ever-so-reliable, almost-daily staple black sandals from VNC decided to slowly fall apart this week, necessitating a replacement. So definitely, I'll be needing a similar basic black sandal. That's one pair.

Okay. Next decision: Do I get the black one or the snakeskin one? Dumdedum. Customers came in and went, and I was still there, dumbfounded at the intricacies of my alternatives. I could buy them both, and get the third pair at a discount. I circled the store again for a possible fourth pair. The four pairs on the counter, I felt guilty and took one out. Honestly, I didn't really need the fourth pair, not like I needed the others. Good. I felt good about taking one pair out. After I paid, I couldn't walk fast enough to the car. I felt like I could turn back anytime and go crazy buying five more**.

Lesson of the day? Give me an Excel worksheet any day and I can organize and analyze it faster than I do deciding on shoes! ;p That, and... no more shopping for shoes this year. Really. I really, really mean it.

* Oh, how I wish for a shopping companion in times like these! I must look less crazy talking to a person than muttering to myself.
** Aptly enough, today's Sunday message was on overcoming emotions. I wasn't very good at applying it, was I? ;p

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