Friday, October 14, 2011

Vacay Mode - Hong Kong, Day 1

It's surprisingly refreshing to come home and chill after a chaotic yet productive week of work, just as it was for me coming back from a sublime vacation weekend in Hong Kong. The past two days' business planning has me physically exhausted but psychologically recharged, which I totally didn't expect! I feel like I'm on vacation now as I type away, knowing there are still so many things to do until the end of the year but everything will fall into place as it always does. Praise God for His faithfulness.

To introduce the weekend, I'm posting what I wore on the first day of my weekend last week, which started on a Friday. I love weekends that start on Friday! Oh, bliss! Can you tell how happy I was that sleep-deprived morning?

Traveling in shorts was never my thing until just a year ago, as I've always found airports and planes to be too cold for me... and on this trip, it proved to be true. My legs were freezing ever since I buckled in on our 5:40 am flight. And since we were on a low-cost air carrier, I didn't bother to ask for a blanket... Good thing I had at least my cardigan to keep out some of the cold.

A note on this cardigan, which is another winner from my mom. Yayyyyyy :) It wasn't expensive, but it's so perfect. I love the color, which I can't name -- would you call this champagne? The draping when it's worn. The softness. The length. The ten different ways I can wear it... (I'm pretty sure I'll wear it some other way soon.)

For this day, my cardigan dressed up a very plain outfit -- a basic tee and shorts -- that I would have otherwise worn to the beach*. I settled on something that I could easily change in and out of because Day 1 = shopping day.

You can see I'm trying REALLY hard not to break into a big, goofy grin here... but I was just sooooo happy to be on vacation. Also, I was excited about the day ahead, which contained shopping, eating, and a massage.

Here's a closer look at my necklace, which I got for a baaaar-gaaaaain. Woohooo! Love cheap finds :)

I know this bracelet was too matchy-matchy with everything I wore, but it was the only comfortable arm accessory I could find in my drawer. Hehe. Comfort and convenience always wins.

See the exposed zip on my shorts? I was in an adventurous mood when I bought it some five years ago in Mango... but somehow it makes me feel a bit hoochy. Haha. Well, if there's something I shouldn't forget to do with these, it's to leave it unzipped after a trip to the bathroom. (I almost did one time that day. Eek!)

Hmmm, am I talking nonsense already? Must be time to sleep.

What an awesome week! And though this sentiment is true, now I'm trying to psyche myself up for tomorrow's module on Financial Management. Good vibes! I'm on such a high!

Tshirt and cardigan from Chicabooti. Shorts from Mango. Necklace and bracelet from 168 Mall. Flats from Giuseppe Zanotti.

* In my subconscious mind, I am probably still craving for a trip to the beach, hence the shorts and freezing my legs off on the plane ;p

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