Thursday, October 27, 2011

Purples and Blues

Remember these?

My cream-colored heels, the only light-colored ones I have, broke down a few weeks ago, so this pair is a great alternative to a summer shoe! Yes, not only do I justify my spending prior to the purchase, I also do them repeatedly afterwards. It's nice to assure myself I made a good investment*. I prefer open-toed sandals to pumps because Philippine weather is so humid and I need to keep my feet ventilated**.

I made an unexpected combination with a batik-print cotton dress and a vintage find. I found the gold blouse half-priced at P90! What a steal!

I like the electric-pleated bell sleeve and the way it clings to the shoulders. The only problem I have with the blouse is it can't be ironed, and it wrinkles more and more as the day progresses. Halfway through the day, I imagined steaming it while I'm wearing it and laughed at myself -- there IS a reason why manufacturers write those idiot-proof instructions such "Do not steam clothes while you're wearing them" and "Do not use while in the shower" because there ARE people like me! Hahaha!

Okay. I must be getting dizzy from all the numbers. Hope everyone is having a good week so far!

Dress from Valleygirl. Blouse from ukay-ukay. Necklace from 168 Mall. Wedge sandals from VNC.

* The wise financial people will tell me an investment is only an investment (and not an expense) if there's a return or profit on it. My investments are measured by return on happiness (ROH) ;)
** This is my nice way of saying my feet sweat a bit. That's why you'll hardly see me wear booties or the like, unless I'm somewhere cold!

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