Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

The funny thing with me and my outfits is that most times, I think of the day's theme after I've dressed (more like throw on stuff haphazardly) and headed out the door.

It was while driving to school today that I realized my outfit's colors are coincidentally apt for Halloween weekend, though I don't believe or practice in dressing up for it. To top it off, I just noticed I actually match the school building! Haha!

I think this is my first time on the blog to do monochromatic layering. It reminds me of the prim and proper cardigan sets so in vogue during the 90s. I remember my mom bought me a couple of those, but I only wore the black ones and refused to wear pastels. Ah, teenage rebellion.

The similarities don't end at the hue. My tank top had crocheted details, and my cardigan was fully crocheted. Both were hand-me-downs from my mom; she grew out of them only recently. I hope when I'm in my forties, I'll be as skinny as she was!

Believe me, I was tempted to use a skinny orange belt, but decided it was overkill. I accessorized with a green animal-hair belt instead... hence, the pumpkin patch theme.

Finally... my long weekend begins! Off to the beach for some much-needed get-away-from-the-madness time. Aahhhhhhh. I can't wait :)

Tank top from Jay Jays. Cardigan from Portmans. Jeans from H&M. Flats from SM. Belt from Hong Kong.

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