Monday, October 24, 2011

One Dress, Two Ways

I'm back to my favorite print -- animal! -- a print that's usually associated with grandmas and aging aunts. Haha. Recently, it's been seen on younger crowds that make it look hip (or is that just wishful thinking on my part?) Last week though, I went all-out manang mode and accessorized with pearls and gold. Oh, and did I mention my dress has built-in shoulder pads?

After work, I changed my black flats to heels, chucked my bulky office bag for a slimmer clutch, and met Esel looking like this:

The leopard print dress is cut like a really long t-shirt, and I wanted to belt it in some way. I dug out an old chain clip my mom bought in the early 90's. I'm really amazed at the quality of the pieces you could get in department stores a few decades ago... They look brand new!

Underneath my dress, I wore a stretchy pencil skirt that also acted as extra resistance as I moved about the whole day. I figured my muscles needed the extra push as I spend the whole week seated or lying down... call it my fashionable version of Fit Flops and MBTs. Haha!

Before I met everyone else for dinner, I made a quick stop at the ladies' room for a quick edit, this time exposing my skirt.

This would have looked even better if I switched my pearls for funkier accessories, but this will do!

Here's to a creative, funky week ahead! :) Happy Monday, everyone!

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