Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oh, The Effort...

After missing two weeks of school, I admit it was very difficult to get out of bed on a lovely Saturday and muster enough willpower to sit still and listen to a whole-day lecture.

If you know me well enough by now, you would know I love t-shirts. It's a great go-to piece , I still keep going back to them when I'm in the mood to just snuggle up in bed and sleep. Alas, I had to sleep with my eyes wide open today, and tried to keep myself awake by donning bright pops of color! Did it work? Hmmm... just don't ask me what we discussed today :)

Here I stand, against a backdrop of Ateneo's telltale brick walls.

I hardly wear white jeans -- accident-prone me would most likely spill coffee or flick spaghetti sauce on them -- but my mom handed these down to me a few days ago and I hadn't been able to put them away just yet. Clutter is so convenient! Haha! I actually started my outfit with the white jeans and built from there.
Next, my comfort-seeking, sleepy brain zoomed in on this magenta shirt which is soooo comfortable, I regret not buying them in so many colors! Oops -- sounds like something I did back in college. I literally wore a short-sleeved, round-necked Mango shirt in a different color every day. Boring, right? Well, over the years, I have at least learned (and sometimes, still need to make the extra effort to) accessorize a plain colored shirt, such as with a patterned belt and scarf.

I finished the look with tan leather flats that my dear friend Abby showed me while we were in Spain five years ago. Time flies by so fast! Although much abused*, these Adolfo Dominguez shoes have survived with their beautiful color turning lovelier each year. I just LOVE the ruffled leather and tiny bow, which adds a fun, flirty character to a basic wardrobe staple.

It's six more sessions to go until the end of our program! Count-down! Although the learning from our class and my classmates has been invaluable, I can't wait to have Saturdays free again... Just in time for the busyness of Christmas.

Shirt from J. Crew. Jeans from Zara. Hoop earrings from Sportsgirl. Belt from Maple. Scarf from mom. Bag from Hong Kong bazaar. Flats from Adolfo Dominguez.

* I hid the tip of these shoes from view. I have a bad habit of unknowingly kicking my feet here and there, while seated or standing, such that my shoes have so many unexplained scuffs and scratches :( I've been trying to sit more still. Really. But I think the only hope I have of maintaining the new-ness of my shoes is binding my legs to my chair. Might as well bind my feet to make them smaller while we're at it ;p

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