Saturday, October 1, 2011

My First (Official) Styling Project...

I'm totally exhausted but exhilarated and ecstatic!

I praise God for this awesome opportunity to style my first photo shoot for Ready for Rain today. I've shopped and styled for friends and family before, but this was a shoot for a real business, so I felt challenged about the project. It's also not high fashion, but that’s what I like about it – dressing people up for their everyday lives. And despite the “ordinary-ness” of the clothes, I was excited putting them together in a fresh way.

I’m soooo happy right now. My eyes are falling shut but I’m still on a high. Driving home, I began thinking when the last time was that I was this tired and this happy, and that was preparing for our European competition tour in Glee Club. This is me at 9 pm. I was on such an adrenaline high after the shoot that Esel couldn't believe it!

Let me just say how GLAD I am that technology does not yet allow scent to be captured in photos... because after the day we had (five hours of working with no electricity in hot, humid weather), hmmm I don't even want to be with myself. Haha! Good thing there's make-up to distract the general public! Notice I'm wearing red lipstick? After the shoot, the lovely Bambi asked me if I wanted to go red. I probably was so high on happy hormones that I said yes! It makes me feel bold, confident, when I'd usually feel a little self-conscious. It has a tendency to make me look masungit or unapproachable, so I have to remind myself to smile. What about you? What are your thoughts on red lipstick? :)

ANYWAY, enough about me! I can't emphasize enough -- praise God who is faithful and makes all things fall into the right place! Let me tell you all about my day...

I followed my schedule strictly this morning, allotting ample time to sort the clothes, take shots of the composed pieces, organize these into a deck for printing, and nap for a good twenty minutes. I felt like going back to bed but had lunch instead and prepared to leave. I couldn’t believe everything was going so efficiently. I get frazzled easily, so I prepared as much as possible to avoid that happening this afternoon. Here are the labeled hangers for each look.

After a disappointing time at my first appointment of the day, I headed to the studio to start prepping. Again, God’s perfect timing was in place; I had just finished styling the first model when the electricity went out! I had already steamed the wrinkled clothes by then. Looking back now, had my first appointment had gone well, I wouldn’t have been early enough to set up as properly as I had, and I probably wouldn’t have been as calm and prepared for the shoot.

I had taken photos Thursday to document my options, like this preppy print mix...

some kooky ones like this one...

and of course, I had to use my vintage finds! Here's a dress I'm planning to use as a skirt, with a newer blouse. It's my favorite print combination yet, but we'll see if it'll make the final cut when the photos come out.

I was a bit flustered with my first two looks, but the rest of the afternoon went by easily. When I look at the photos, I’m giddy and awed by the outfits I didn’t plan on and decided right there on the spot, with Esel and photographer Mike waiting. These last-minute touches, I feel, made the best looks of the bunch.

I am so excited to have the edited photos come out! Did I mention... how happy I am??? So this is what it's like to really love what you do :) I hope more projects come!


  1. Hi! You look stunning in that black outfit! I got into your site via Tokyo Posh Fb account.

    I like your posts and your fashion style! Have a great day! :-)

  2. It's so nice to hear from readers! Thank you for your encouragement :) Have a great day!


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