Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hong Kong, Day 2

If I thought I probably won't wear shorts during travel, imagine my thoughts on wearing a dress! I've always admired and gotten a little envious of women all dressed up at the airport, with hair and make-up in place, and walking so elegantly in heels and I wonder -- how do they do it? How do they lift their baggage on the check-in platform? Who picks up their luggage at the carousel? Don't their feet hurt after walking hundreds of meters down airport terminals? Haha... some very practical questions, right?

As I packed for our trip days before, I decided to make a go for it  -- a dress, I mean, for Day 2. It's comfy, breezy, and wrinkle-free. And I've got shorts underneath so I can still move about in my usual ungainly way and not worry about exposing anything. Haha. Here I am enjoying a lovely dimsum breakfast with my friends before we head out for the day.

With tummies stuffed and minds relieved of stress, we set out for more shopping and eating. Vacations are soooo fun! I pulled out my newly purchased bag -- I couldn't wait to use it! -- and slung it over one shoulder. I had a hard time choosing between this coral color and a green one...

But since I've been craving for summer for a few months now, I went with the warmer hue. Doesn't it match my dress?

And also my nails? Haha... looks like I planned everything in advance, right? Well, I'm a bit OC, but not that much. All coincidence. Comparing my feet to that of my friend Dennis. I'm wearing my favorite sandals from Nine West. I found them so pricey, considering they were flats and they were sandals, but they were so cute, I had to get them. I wear them a LOT so they're worth it!

I might never be one of those perfectly coiffed ladies in the airport sitting in the first class lounge, but with a short breezy cotton dress, dainty flats, and painted nails -- I kind of feel like a lady ;p

Dress, Esel's, from Forever21. Bag from bazaar. Necklace from 168 Mall. Sandals from Nine West.

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