Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hard and Soft

I like combining pieces that might not seem the same "theme," e.g. sweet sheer ruffles, ferocious spots, ladylike satin sandals, and a chunky, studded bag.

I borrowed this dress from my good friend Annick -- it's perfect for Philippine weather as it's sheer and can be worn by itself or with a cover-up, which can change the whole look entirely. It was so warm that I chose this dress and brought an animal-print shawl for indoor air conditioning.

A mixed salad of ruffles, spots, and hardware.

Gamely posing for my mom, who took these photos.

Happy week! :)

Dress from Topshop, Annick's. Shawl from bazaar. Heels from VNC. Bag from Balenciaga, mom's.


  1. I like the emote picture---mariane

  2. Thanks, Mariane! :) To be honest, I felt a bit weird doing it... Must practice!


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