Friday, October 28, 2011

Fridays are for Stretching the Rules

The warm weather persists, so I threw on a lightweight blouse and a shorter-than-usual skirt for a day of meetings. I've worn this skirt to the office lots of times before, but usually with flats so as not to draw too much attention to myself, but oh well! I couldn't resist wearing my new heels.

The skirt is a bit loose at the waistband, so what's a girl to do to keep her blouse in place the whole day? Why, tuck it into boy-shorts! This also ensured no peeping accidents!

One more day until vacation! I've been on vacation mode since yesterday, but managed to still be productive. Amazing! :)

Blouse from Hong Kong. Skirt from Zara. Necklace from tiangge. Heels from VNC.

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